Marina San Martín is a creative filmmaker/ photographer from México.

Her work specializes on experimenting in different fields such as: art, travel, dance, music, nature, documentary and fashion .

As an international filmmaker Marina has worked in different countries such as Mexico, England, South Africa, USA, Portugal and Thailand.

In personal projects, Marina has developed her unique esthetics while travelling with common topics such as: feminism, human rights, and body expression and equal gender rights.

Marina has worked in different productions such as commercials; photoshoots and publicity,working from preproduction, production and postproduction.  


She graduated from a BA in Graphic Design at Universidad Iberoamericana and did a MA in Cinematography at MET Film School, of the University of West London, among other photography courses and diplomas.

As an AD in international feature films like Ultimo (Italian film) in a Co production of Canana with Tadeo Films, Welcome to Acapulco (American production) produced by Golden Ceiba Productions and Paper boats (American-Mexican production) produced by Desierto films.

She worked as a cinematographer in the short film “Hamba Kahele” (South Africa) shown in Cannes Film Festival, the fashion film “Rag and Beau” (London) and collaborated in the documentary Rising for Rhinos (South Africa) in the camera department.